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Motobecane Mobylette SP90 1975 By XTR Pepo

XTR Pepo

Motobecane Mobylette SP90 1975 By XTR Pepo


Donor Bike : Mobylette SP90 ( 1975).

-Mobylette Cady front fork.

-Mobylette Cady front and rear Wheel.

-XTR clip ons.

-XTR front fairing Bracket.

-Gonelli brakes levers.

-Domino Quick open gas throtle.

-Domino grips.

-Motoplat electronic rev counter.

-XTR rear regulable schocks.

-XTR aluminium footrest.

-Mobylette Cady swingarm.

-Mobylette SP 90 frame modified.

-Regina gold chain.

-Engine overbored to 70cc and worked  intakes, Crankshaft equilibrated and lightened.

-Amal 16 carburator.

-XTR air filter.

-Metrakit racing exhaust system.

-MVT Rotor and electronic ignition.

-Aluminium flywheel.

-Malossi racing ruber belt.

-Modified variator.

-XTR front mudguard.

-XTR Front fairing.

-XTR solo seat.

-Modified SP 90 fuel tank.

Painting: Pintumoto.

Pictures : Cesar Godoy.