viernes, 26 de mayo de 2017

Yamaha SR400 2014 By Ellaspede


Yamaha SR400 2014 By Ellaspede

"Rome wasn’t built in a day… but with Ellaspede you can build a custom bike in one!

Our journey as custom motorcycle designers and builders has been challenging and exciting in the same breath. Over the years, besides designing and fabricating some awesome bikes for truly amazing clients, we’ve also had the pleasure of running local events for woefully inappropriate bikes. On the one hand we build serious custom machines and on the other we’re a small crew of misfits who just like having a good time on anything with wheels.

We’re keen to share the experience of building bikes with every weekend warrior, night time DIYer and people who just like to customise their motorcycle. Over countless hours of design, development and road testing, Ellaspede is now ready to introduce the first of our custom kits range. Starting with the SR400 Custom Tracker Conversion Kits.

Now we’re sharing the love amongst SR400 owners around the world by producing a Complete Conversion Kit that they can bolt on in an afternoon or evening to transform their standard Yamaha SR400. This kit now offers a cost effective, factory OEM quality option for budding builders through to seasoned custom veterans to purchase and fit.

The Ellaspede SR400 Custom Seat Conversion Kit – Tracker and the Ellaspede SR400 Custom Complete Conversion Kit -Tracker are designed for EFI SR400’s but may also be retro-fitted to any SR400 back to 1978. The Ellaspede kit has been designed as a 100% bolt on solution without the need for any frame modification necessary, which is one of it’s major benefits for home builders and owners intent on retaining factory frame warranty.

The Ellaspede SR400 Custom Seat Conversion Kit – Tracker includes:

UV rated vinyl seat in diamond pattern finish
OEM quality rear cowl made from automotive grade plastic
Structural aluminium reinforcement mounting plate
Integrated brake and tail light
Ellaspede SR400 Ninja Star Licence Plate Kit with rear reflector and number plate light
All required bolts and fasteners
Easy plug and play electrics which don’t require cutting or soldering
In addition to this, the Ellaspede SR400 Custom Complete Conversion Kit – Tracker includes all of the above as well as:

1.SR400 MX style tracker handlebars
2.Ellaspede SR400 tracker front guard
3.GOODS Japan SR400 EFI Muffler
4.POSH speedometer
5.Ikon Suspension tracker rear shocks
6.Aftermarket tracker headlight (not shown)
7.POSH Chamfer indicators and brackets (not shown)
8.Aftermarket mirrors (not shown)

Apart from the tyre fitting, these kits don’t require any specialist tools, welders or your own private mechanic to fit up. A basic set of hand tools will see you unbolting the standard parts and replacing them in a mere matter of hours. Our goal for these kits is for someone to easily customise all the key areas of their machine on a Saturday and be out riding on Sunday.

In order to test how easily the kits could be applied, we built this Ellaspede EB158 SR400 dubbed ‘White Knight’ for the Dust Hustle 4 event just to prove the point. Obviously we took it a little further and designed up a Kenny Roberts Yamaha speed block inspired livery and added a tracker front plate, but apart from that this bike features the Ellaspede SR400 Custom Seat Conversion Kit – Tracker and many of the optional parts from the Ellaspede SR400 Custom Complete Conversion Kit – Tracker as well.

The Ellaspede SR400 Custom Seat Conversion Kit – Tracker rear cowl ships in a gloss black finish as standard, but the factory SR400 grey can be specified as a option at purchase. A range of Ellaspede SR400 Tracker sticker kits will also be available to quickly transform the standard grey finish into something a little more ‘racey’, much like applying new stickers to an MX or enduro bike.

Now that the dust has settled on Dust Hustle 4, we’re fitting up the ‘White Knight’ with the Ellaspede SR400 Ninja Star Licence Plate Kit, headlight, indicators and mirrors before hitting the city streets and dirt roads around Brisbane.

Building a bike from only ‘bolt on parts’ isn’t something we’ve done before as a custom shop, which is interesting as this build has taken so much development to get to this point. Using our background in Industrial Design to develop some of our own parts for these kits has been a real highlight and we’re excited to roll out extra options to make SR400 customisation more easily accessible in the coming months."