jueves, 25 de mayo de 2017

Honda CB750 By BBCR Engineering

BBCR Engineering

1979 Honda CB750F transformed into a BBCR Super Sport.

"This is a bike that i worked on for almost a year, and a build with many challenges that was well worth the time and money invested.
Im not going to lie that i wasn't inspired by the Classiified Moto Superstrada cb750 that was built 2-3 years ago.
​To me blending all those parts into the old cb750 made the ultimate modern-cafe racer machine.

Here is the list of the main parts that were used on this build:
-Ducati Single Sided swingarm
-Marchesini front and rear 17'' wheels
-2014 Yamaha R6 complete front end with brakes,calipers and controls
-Custom upper triple from Cognito Moto with a built in MotoGadget mini speedo and lights
-MotoGadget digital M-lock ingnition
-Custom stainless exhaust with a fabricated stainless mid pipe coupled with a new Werkes muffler..
- 4 in 2 Mikuni carburetors 
-Yamaha R6 rear sets 
-fork led turn signals

Here is the list of fabrication and fabricated parts
-Front end fitting to the cb frame with new stem and bearings,new stoppers ​
​-Frame powder coated and everything else painted
-Ducati swingarm and rear suspension set-up to the cb frame
​-New frame tail and fiberglass seat unit
-New seat done by Erick at Lunascustomupholstery
-Rear sets controls-shifter
​-Stainless exhaust and mid pipe
​-New paint job
-Stainless side covers
-Engine rebuild.Primed,base coated and cleared with automotive paint
​-The MotoGadget speedo sensor was moved to the rear wheel out of sight

And much more.These are the important parts and fabrication that made this bike ."