martes, 24 de abril de 2018

Royal Enfield Continental GT By Sinroja Motorcycles

Sinroja Motorcycles

Royal Enfield Continental GT By Sinroja Motorcycles

"Sinroja R9, the Surf Racer was built for Royal Enfield to showcase the possibilities of their Continental GT.  Royal Enfield requested 2 bikes to show two sides of the spectrum, a sleek cafe racer based on Continental GT and a everyday, get on and go brat based on the brand new platform, Himalayan. 

When we spoke at length with royal enfield and discussed our ideas the main thing we all wanted to achieve from this build was to show how far one can push the Continental GT to make it the ultimate cafe racer. The bike had to look modern with the hint of classic touch a sort of vision for the future. We shared various ideas before a final render was created. A true collaboration between RE and us. 

We wanted to create a sleek, fast looking bike which happened making various decision from the fairing to the tail section to one off special pull shock keep the flow of the lines through the bike very clean and minimal. 

The build process from beginning started with basic concept ideas, then they went onto being digital renders. The bikes were fresh from factory but we decided to strip it all way to the crank to add more go to the engine and truly build a genuine cafe racer that doesn't only look great and fast than before but also goes faster which was the whole idea of cafe racers. 

Every aspect of the bike was looked at from front to end. The fairing was bought as a full body fairing and then after huge amount of modifications we finally managed to get the shape that we felt fitted perfectly. The wheels came from kawasaki in the front and yamaha rear as we wanted to show the modern touch to the bike and felt cast alloy wheels were better option than usual spokes you see on cafe racers. We wanted the front to be mean and modern as well which meant we used the USD forks from kawasaki. The yokes were custom made from billet aircraft grade aluminium by Fastec Custom Racing which made it fit perfectly.

The tacho used on the bike is motogadget clock as we focussed on race side of style we decided to go with one simple tacho and not other gadgetry. The tank is original painted by black shuk kustom including fairing and tail section. The rear tail section came from a hoard of mixed sheet metal hammered into shape but the big part of it was a honda cb550 tank we had lying around in the shop which we felt fitted really well. The suspension was very important feature of the bike in order to attain the clean lines. We decided to tuck it away complete under the bike using a pull type shock off a harley softtail. The swingarm was heaving modified to accommodate that.

The rest of the frame was cleaned up totally taking off any unnecessary bits off it. The engine was modified with high lift cams and head was modified for better flow helping the Dellorto carb to work well. We took off the EFI completely to get rid of unnecessary harnesses and to clean up the whole look of the bike. Plus it makes tuning very easy. 

Finally they were revealed at the show and got a great response from the motorcycle industry!"