jueves, 19 de abril de 2018

Honda CX500 By NCT Motorcycles

NCT Motorcycles

Honda CX500 By NCT Motorcycles

"First of all we’ve stripped down everything.

- The rearfram got new constructed by NCT.

- After that the seat, seat-coal and the tank got adapted to achieve a racing look.

- The frame + rims got powder coated in black. In addition to that the engine got
also a black color scheme.

- The exhauster (which is one of our favorite parts on the bike) is completely
handmade (amazing work by Manuel)

- We’ve made no technical changes on the engine but the original cooler got
changed into an electric one.

- The guidance got rebuilt.

- We’ve mounted a new Öhlins chassis in the back.

- We’ve used Brembo Break System in the front.

- The break disks dimension is 320mm.

- The original hitch got replaced. The bike has now a new hydraulic hitch from

- The break pump is also from Magura

- The headlight is FULL LED, the turn signals are as well as the M-Unit Blue, the MSwitch
and the speedometer from Motogadget.

- The fork is as well as the yokes from a Ducati. To fit to the color scheme of the
tank, the fork got powder coated in blue.

- The original air filters got replaced to open onces.
- The wheels are from AVON.

One of the hardest parts was the exhauster.

What we like most is the overall pictures of the bike. It looks so powerful and we
think it’s also fun to ride. (haven’t done a test ride yet, to be honest)

The bike has no owner yet. So if you are interested, let us know ;-)

Pictures are made by our good friend and also very talented photographer
Peter Pegam.

Manuel Tilke did the paint job, framejob, made the seat + seat cowl, created the
exhauster and mounted the Ducati fork and yokes.

Philipp stripped the bike down and helped our Workshop Manger Mario to set
everything together after we’ve got all the parts togehter.

Mario did also the electronic part and hid all of the new wires.

David (CEO of NCT) created the design in dependence on the CB1000TR Concept