martes, 20 de marzo de 2018

Triumph Scrambler By Gasoline Motor Co.

Gasoline Motor Co.

Triumph Scrambler By Gasoline Motor Co.

"United by freedom, wanderlust and a sense of getting down and dirty, Sailor Jerry and Gasoline Motor Co. have crossed paths again on an epic journey, this time to create a one off custom motorcycle. The creators at Gasoline Motor Co have lifted many Triumphs onto the bench, but this had to mean more - In this custom motorcycle they wanted to capture the spirit of authenticity and rugged bravado that every bottle of Sailors' ignites.

Once the process had begun, with a total strip-down of the obvious factory parts and a complete subframe restructure, the Scrambler-style animal started to take some shape. The front end was kept fat and chunky for impact, while a swaged rear hoop was installed to squeeze in a legal LED tail light with integrated indicators. The Custom designed and engineered CNC cut triple clamps and hand–laced wheels, that accommodate some fat and vicious off-road rubber, were just the starting point. 

Scrambler height rear shocks sit against a super low profile seat base, which was handcrafted in fibreglass by the team in-house, while the dirty black leather seat is the comfiest your ass has ever sat on and features detailed logo embossing. The seat is neatly fitted and designed to be as low as possible, keeping the rider grounded and balanced while being close to the action. All this sits on top of a stealthy hidden battery compartment, with the electrics designed to be streamlined out of sight and out of mind. The most daring feature of this motorcycle is the striking stainless steel welded exhaust - the heavy breathers wrap around the engine from front to back and finish with bold, flared shotgun enders. The sound from these pipes is a furiously aggressive roar, coming directly from the signature Triumph 900cc engine, giving anyone within earshot some classic scrambler vibes all day long!

The team at Gasoline worked through this custom build at an unprecedented pace – so quick, in fact, that when the bike was ready to be tuned and tested, the tank wasn’t even ready! Rhys Gordon was brought in to hand paint a design on the tank that was along the lines of their famous quirky tattoo illustrations by the eponymous Norman Collins. You can't build a bike and just let it sit there, so in the interest of getting it out in the dirt! A new tank was commissioned by local sign writers Retroline who created a design inspired by an Italian Premier Helmet, impressively mimicking its vintage rust finish and racing stripes. The satin-coated classic motocross style tank gave the Sailor Jerry Scrambler a whole new identity and most importantly, made it ready to ride.

Finally able to give the Triumph the test run it deserves, Gasoline took the Sailor out on some never ending trails full of gravel, dust and forest terrain, putting in an epic day of riding and sliding sideways. The sound of the blaring exhaust rattled through the trees while the dirt was thoroughly rearranged on every track as the team pushed the motorcycle to its absolute limits. The lightweight frame made it fast and easy to control, while the engine was tuned to make it fierce enough to go off track and forge a new path through the dense forrest. The narrow stance of the motorcycle is balanced by the height of the handlebars and knobbly tyres, which are highly capable of flicking mounds of dirt with every rotation.

This motorcycle now sits up high on a prized shelf at Gasoline Motor Co.’s Waterloo showroom, when the time is right, it will go up for grabs when Sailor Jerry unveil it as the grand prize in a competition this Easter, meaning you could be the proud owner of this awesome collaboration. Stay tuned for updates on the Gasoline Motor Co. blog on how to enter."