lunes, 5 de febrero de 2018

Yamaha XJR1200 By Kruz Company

Kruz Company

Yamaha XJR1200 By Kruz Company

"This big Yamaha from France is our third project.

It's a small budget bike, the most important part of the work was the back part of the frame. We decided to use the saddle of a Ducatti 900 SS, cut down to give it a more aggressive look, raised to align with the tank, in which is integrated the tail light of a camping car… yep and the number plate holder is made to measure.

All the electrics was adapted and placed under the saddle, including the battery.

Because of the budget, the original tank was kept, a little large to our taste, we chose a two - tone green and brushed metal colour to make it look thinner.

The rest of the work was mostly on the front, small rev counter, small racing light, bracelets, racing handles, small indicators… a few surface touches, a big engine clean, the cornets, the megaphones and bob's your uncle.

The cycle bit has stayed close to the original, except for a pair of Ohlins and a rod from a XJR 1300, makes for a very cool ride."

Pictures by TBS