sábado, 16 de diciembre de 2017

Honda CB550 By Kott Motorcycles

Kott Motorcycles

Black and Copper 550

"The 1977 and 1978 single overhead cam CB’s incorporated several changes to the earlier models. Not all of these changes were well received but some of those changes can be enhanced to make the best machine possible. The later model frames and swingarms were slightly longer than the earlier models and elongated the wheel base of these machines. Garrett at Relic Motorcycles fabricated an exended swingarm that enhanced the already additional length and gave this bike a menacing drag bike look. A look that lent itself well to the dark overtones of the black paint scheme and the timelessness of   subtly placed copper and distressed brown leather. I feel that the headlight placement of this bike was also ideal. On a number of my past builds I have often been haunted by the inevitable void that is created with the elimination of the original bulky speedo and tach arrangement. The intentionality of shortening the headlight brackets and using a smaller headlight bucket gave this bike a tidy and well packaged look. An additional experiment with the truncated seat length proved in my opinion to give the bike a sense of animated proportions that offered the machine the look of an almost floating tank and seat combination once again harkening to the vintage drag stance."