martes, 26 de diciembre de 2017

Harley Davidson By Thrive Motorcycle

Thrive Motorcycle

Bike name : Kuzuri 
Production Code : #T006   
Workshop : Thrive Motorcycle 
Designer/ Builder : Indra Pratama and Barata Dwiputra of Thrive Motorcycle 
Donor bike manufacturer : Harley Davidson 
Model : XL1200 
Year of Production : 2000 
Type and Category : 4 Stroke, V-Twin, Evo – OHV Engine 
Year of build : Jan 2016 - Feb 2017 
Hour of Build : Periodically 
Frame Modification : Custom Hard-tail Rigid Frame 

Bodywork : 
Full customized Aluminum body panel: Gastank, Rear Tail Fender, Oil Tank, Electrical Box, and Headlight – Dashboard Cover 

Bodywork Add On : 
Custom Breather System, Custom Exhaust shield, Custom Clutch Lever, Suspension Ring Cover, Coil – Choke Cover, Custom Plate – Ignition Key Bracket integrated license plate, Custom Shifter pedal, Custom Brake Pedal, Custom Chain Tensioner 

Engine Modification : 
Cut and Shape Cam and Sprocket Cover (minimalis), Sprocket Chain Conversion, T/H/R/V Derby Cover (one-off), Custom Timing Cover 

Seat : T/H/R/V Custom product 
Exhaust : Stainless Steel Exhaust & Silencer  
Front suspension : Chopped 35mm Telescopic (stance)   
Rear suspension : N/A 
Brakes & Caliper : Front N/A, Rear: Softail Stock Modified 
Footpegs & Bracket : T/H/R/V Odipus A footpegs, 
Handlebar : T/H/R/V Gullwing Style Handlebar 
Hand grip : Mooneyes Ribbed
Hand control & Switch : Custom Switch 
Throttle : Custom Inner Throttle 
Air Filter : Custom Filter and T/H/R/V Aluminum Cover (one off) 
Wheels : Pair of R21 & R18 
Front Tire: Avon Speedmaster 3.00-21 TT 
Rear Tire : Firestone Ribbed 5.00-18 
Valve Cap : Sekepal Aspal Pine-Nipple 
Speedometer : N/A 
Gascap : Custom  
Turn Signal : T/H/R/V Custom In-Frame (one-off) 
Head lamp: Foglamp H-3 Stock 
Stop lamp : T/H/R/V custom (one Off) 

Engine Finishing : Vaporized and Black Powder Coating   
Body Finishing: Sapphire Blue and Silver Line over Vaporized Aluminum