domingo, 8 de octubre de 2017

Honda Hornet 600 2001 By XTR Pepo

XTR Pepo

Honda Hornet 600 2001 By XTR Pepo

-Modified frame.

-Ducati Monster front fork and yokes.

-Tomaselli regulable clip ons.

-Ducati Monster front Wheel.

-Brembo calipers.

-NG  rotors.

-Modified BMW Nine T front mudguard.

-XTR alloy front mudguard brackets.

-Mash light.

-XTR Light brackets.

-XTR led blinkers.

-TT dashboard.

-Yamaha R1 clutch lever with regulable and foldable lever.

-Honda CBR 1000 radial brake pump with regulable and foldable lever.

-Frentubo kevlar brake lines.

-Honda CB 550 four modified  fuel tank .

-Laverda fuel cap.

-XTR seat and upholstery in italian leather.

-XTR  side number plates.

-XTR Licence and rear blinkers support.

-Montesa rear light.

-Engine, swingarm, footrest suport and engine suport to frame Sandblasted glassmicrosphere view.

-Honda Hornet rear Wheel.

-NG rear brake rotor.

-Engine: blueprinted, worked intakes and Dynojet kit in the carburators.

-DNA air filters.

-LIPO battery.

-SuperMario exhaust system 4 in 2 in 1 with Spark megaphone.

-DID gold chain.

-Ohlins rear schock.

Painting: Artenruta

Pictures : DEL PERRO