miércoles, 4 de octubre de 2017

BMW R100RS By Kiddo Motors

1979 BMW R100RS.

This bike was commisioned by Cesc.

"The idea behind this beemer was to keep the old patina, but with a clean and minimalistic look.The budget was more oriented in the reliability side than in the performance one. The customer´s briefing was “a classic cafe style”, of course it was more in terms of style and proportions.The first thing, and maybe the more significant work, was made on the frame. We want to reach  straight lines from the engine through to the subframe. So we decide to rebuilt all the frame to avoid the engine characteristic inclination. Then a new subframe was built, the driveshaft was modified to work properly with the new geometry and we built new supports for the rearsets. To be sure to deliver a bike that runs for years without problems, we have rebuilt the engine and change completely the old electrics for a complete 21ts century new one, involving…14V 370WAlternator, 14V 37A Voltage controller, powercoils, CDI Ignition Box, PickUp, M-Unit, MLock and Lithium Battery. A one/off minimal electrical harness was build to keep everythig alive."