jueves, 17 de agosto de 2017

Yamaha TW200 1989 By Lanesplitter Garage

Lanesplitter Garage

Yamaha TW200 1989

"Found on a farm and repurposed for the city, this Fat Wheeled City Fun Machine was found in running, but ordinary condition.

We gave this a street tracker look with a nod too it's past as a farm bike by keeping some similar shaped seat contours and adding a new skid plate.

A new stainless steel exhaust was fabriated to share the lines of the seat and to remind the car next to you not to merge into your lane. A second hand tank was found in the UK and retrofitted blending the lines of the tank and seat into one.

An integrated superbright LED taillight was added above the new floating rear fender which will support the LED lit lisence plate.

The wheels were coated and relaced and the tyres were kept as is (that's the main reason you buy a Teedub anway)