lunes, 7 de agosto de 2017

Honda CB750 By Reverb Motorcycles

Reverb Motorcycles

Honda CB750 By Reverb Motorcycles

"This bike has had an interesting journey from the day it left the Honda factory in 1979. Originally shipped for the Canadian market, she was then ridden to the USA and spent many years in the California sun. She was imported to the UK by a friend of the American owner and finally came to us in 2014 – as a near mint, 20,000 miler. We tooled around on her for a summer or so and then put the covers on her for a rainy day.

Forward to the rainy day and a client, looking for a custom build, turns up at Reverb Towers with a photo of his dream bike – that bike turned out to be a CB750 twin cam – just like our little old FZ…. Kerrrrr-ching! (pretends to make money from bike building – Ed)

You know what happens here so we won’t bore you with the fact that the bike was stripped… all the parts refurbished… frame de-lugged and powdercoated… seat hoop, etc. No, we’ll just tell you about the cool stuff:

The forks were a little to skinny for our customers’ liking so we sourced a complete front end from a GL1000 Goldwing (wider between the yolks and fatter stanchions) and set about making that fit. We used the Goldwing callipers and discs too to give a better braking performance. The rear end came from a CBX1000 and gives a stronger rear hub and cush-drive.

Our customer has a healthy obsession with rust so the bike has been built to decay (gracefully- we hope). The aluminium parts are all satin polished whilst the steel tank and custom clip-ons are left unfinished to encourage early oxidisation. There is the odd brass accent – old bullet firing caps – turned pipe end trim – the Moto Gadget speedo, fabricated into an old wick lamp – to add some subtle bling. But, perhaps the coolest item is the start button set within the brass steering head nut.

As the new owner is 6’4” the controls have been arranged to suit his dimensions. A much lowered stance, combined with the Firestone radials and a skinny single seat, seems to add length to the bike so the rider and machine appear matched.

The addition of a set of Kehin CR31’s just add the cherry.

PS. Those that know go to our good friends at Good Bits to get their fast Honda parts. Fast Honda’s sorted at Tell ’em Reverb sent you."