miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017

Harley Davidson By Gasoline Motor Co.

Gasoline Motor Co.

Harley Davidson By Gasoline Motor Co.

"The XX Tracker was an ambitious custom build for the crew at Gasoline - the challenge was to take a stock Harley-Davison sportster from a highway cruiser to an aggressive corner killer, and they definitely brought home the win on this one.

A fully transformed custom made Harley Sportster, this Flat Tracking beast is not to be messed with with on any level, it's power, style and stance let you know it means business. Officially unveiled at the Throttle Roll 2017 Street Party this machine made waves as an incredible custom build, with many people clamouring to find information on it. It was designed and built by the team at Gasoline, with components created by some of the leaders in the custom motorcycle industry. The exhaust was crafted by Hi-Tech mufflers live on site during the inaugural Workshop Masters event giving the public a rare glimpse into the actual process of creating a custom motorcycle. Other parts such as the handmade fibreglass tank and tail were sourced from one of the best craftsman in Europe and the list goes on. Check out the images below to get a sense of just how far the Gasoline team went in creating this flat tracking corner killer.

Come and see the beast for yourself on our showroom floor today, and stay tuned for more info."