martes, 1 de agosto de 2017

BMW R100 By Nozem Amsterdam

Nozem Amsterdam

BMW R100 By Nozem Amsterdam

The inspiration for the bike mostly came from classic bikes, cars and boats. The lack of classic shapes in bikes these days make some look soulless.

"This is why we chose to give the lady a nice curved bottom, accentuated by the home build stainless exhaust sticking out the end. Only the front-lower part of the original tank was kept, the rest has been fabricated by hand from sheet metal.
The wood (American walnut) idea came from a Riva which is a symbol of classicness. As did the air vents on her bottom.
At the end she also sounds like a Riva, which was not planned but nevertheless predictable as there is no damping in the exhaust system.

Although the classic look dominates we did implement some small modern race parts like the pazzo brake levers, Bmw E30 race tankcap and the Wilbers monoshock, which do give it a modern edge and a nice contrast. The frame was meant to fall in to the background.
For this reason it has been kept as minimal as possible removing all unnecessary brackets etc. This is also the case for the controlls. No speedo gauges where mounted, eventually speed has to be felt not seen.
Wheels and engine remained stock although treated to some Nozem TLC. The small leather seat does exactly what it looks like it should be doing, look slick and hard like hell. The paintjob as with the previous bike is straight and stylish, keeping the bike clean and looking different from every angle.

I hope you guys like the bike! It has been a long, pain aicking, lovely, exciting, some times bloody but most off all fun doing it."