viernes, 28 de julio de 2017

Yamaha XSR700 2016 By Bunker Custom Cycles

Bunker Custom Cycles

Yamaha XSR700 2016 By Bunker Custom Cycles

"As in form and posture we decided on a tracker style. The main reason we did that because we wanted to make this build carrying the spirit of freedom as much as possible. The twin engine of XSR700 and its engine characteristics also makes it a very good base for our tracker project. So in this light we wanted this build to be agile and free yet elegant. As in form we want to raise the seat and make more room at the front to give the rider more freedom to change his/her riding position in this new more upright riding posture. We wanted to give more ground clearance by relocating the exhaust and more comfort/control by changing the front wheel to 19 inch for off road purposes.

-We’ve revisited the ergonomics and riding posture for a better control in off-road and rough-road conditions. As a result, all of  the body parts were changed with hand beaten and planished 2mm aluminum, including gas tank covers, side panels, front and rear mudguards, radiator covers and seat plate. We’ve decided on the raw brushed aluminum look with a clean solid graphics style inspired from the 80s. We’ve made quite a bit trail and error until we find this blue that we are really satisfied with. The aluminum spine piece carrying the gas tank cover was milled in CNC, sanded and polished into a shiny finish.

-We’ve used a Renthal handlebar with enough rise to fit the new riding posture.

-In this new approach we’ve raised the seat height by 6 cm. We’ve manufactured a bolt-on extension which can be fitted to the stock frame. The new seat plate is made from aluminum to sit on this bolt on frame extension. You can pop the seat open using existing key mechanism. The seat is shaped out of a special foam that we use and the upholstery is Suede leather for better grip.

-We wanted this build to be comfortable and practical in rough road conditions. After long hours of work we’ve swap the traditional telescopic fork with MT-09 tracer upside-down fork. We’ve changed the stock 17 front / 17 rear mag wheels with 19 front / 17 rear spoked wheels which we took from Super Tenere. This one was one of the trickiest parts. This modification also helped us get more ground clearance by rising the front end by 3cm. Tires are Goldentyre GT201.

-We’ve used a 5.5 inch aftermarket headlight with a halo. Both the headlight and the front mudguard mount is a custom peice made out of 8mm steel tube.

-Radiator shield is lazer cut from 2mm Aluminum.

-Ground clearance was one of our main concerns. We’ve changed the position of the silencer and the exhaust manifolds allowing the bike to go over higher obstacles in rough road conditions. In the end we raised the ground clearance from 14 cm to 20,5 cm. Hand made exhaust was bent from stainless. We’ve integrated an Akrapovic catalytic converter where the muffler and 2 to 1 converter joins.

-After the bulky stock exhaust was ditched we’ve made an engine guard out of 2 mm thick aluminum, which now protects bottom of the engine. We’ve re-purposed the cavity left after the exhaust relocation to place the new aluminum radiator overflow reservoir.

-Dime City Cycles Signal and stop lights were mounted according to the design.

-We’ve used lots of accessories from Yamaha’s catalogue like billet clutch and brake levers, footpegs, sidestand risers etc."