domingo, 16 de julio de 2017

Yamaha Vmax By JvB Moto

JvB Moto

Yamaha Vmax By JvB Moto

"A Motorcycle with over 300 kg weight would normally not be the typical JvB moto donor bike, but the Vmax is different. Once you feel this kind of power delivery, you are addicted and forget about the weight.

The aim was to show the bikes´dragster genes. When you accelerate the Vmax really hard, you feel this brutal power of its engine. That is what I wanted to express with the design of the bike.

Also, the “30 years of Vmax” theme reflects in the design.
The air intake scoops are based on the ones of the first Vmax generation of the 80s and the colour is based on the one used by the Yamha GP race team in 85.

The bike is a one-off. Only one will be made.

It will go on tour to all the big shows with Yamaha this year."

The parts changed are the following:

- front mudguard manufactured from Aluminium
- headlight manufactured from Carbon
- wheelcovers (carbon)
- handlebars are modified LSL aftermarket clip-ons
- indicators Motogadget
- revcounter Autometer ( professional american dragster equipment)
- tankcover (carbon)
- air intake scoops manufactured, using stock aluminium units of the old Vmax from the 80s
- airbox and electrics heavily modified
- tail unit (carbon)
- subframe manufactured from aluminium, using bits of the stock unit

- fueltank under the seat manufactured from aluminium
-exhaust system modified with manufactured 4-1 collector and Termignoni silencer

All alloy and carbon parts are one-off, designed and made by JvB-moto.
Except the tail cover unit, that will go into production as a fibreglass part for custom builds soon.

Special thanks go to:

-Basi- and -von Maze-  from Amadeüsss Speed Shop for their help

-Star Graphics Cologne for the great paintjob