sábado, 13 de mayo de 2017

Triumph Trophy 1200 By Kruz Company

Kruz Company


Here is another monster, in the same line as the KC#002, but with more horsepower.

It's another forgotten and a little disgracious base, but like the Triumph Daytona, it has a very nice frame… and once all the plastic is taken away, everything is possible.
From the start, the only condition from the client for the project was that it should have spoke wheel rims, those of the Triumph Tiger are compatible but hard to find, so the decision was taken, tailor made, let's start.

The client idea was to go towards a street tracker. Not common, it's not going to be easy, we are going to have to slim it down… it's long, large and high.

First, dropped the front by 7 cm. Then a homemade rear frame, with an adjusting saddle to lower the whole line. We have to drop the tank onto the engine.

We chose a Kawazaki KH400 tank, took the bottom out, cut it to fit as close to the engine as possible, which means it has only a little capacity, we arguing to have to give it a second tank, integrated in the back frame. So here is the first Triumph with a double tank.

For the line, completed with a tailor made black chevron saddle, with a little gel cushion for more comfort, and finished off with Z900 tail made for Honda Monkey refitted to integrate perfectly.

Put onto tubless 17’' spoke wheel rims, 5'' wide on Tiger wheel hubs for the back, and CNC hubs with tailor made disk for the front.
Fitted with Continental Trail Attack in 180 for the back and 120 for the front.
All that stopped by Tokico GSXR brake calipers, you need at least that to stop this 120 hp beast, lightened by 30 kilos.
All that was left to do, was to drop the front, the choice was made to start under the upper triple tree clamp, with clip-ons, in which was fixed a high handlebar cut into two, to give it a less horizontal position, and visually bring it down.
Lightened Commodos, gas handle Venhill, Oury grips, Brembo levers, Dash and temperature gauge Kruz Co., on cnc alloy supports. That's it for the cockpit.

All we need now are lights, on the front an integrated light on the number plate , hiding the expansion tank and parts of thee electrics, and at the back a stop light in the bottom of the tail.
Nearly there, wiring redone and adapted as always, four RamAir filters to let her breathe and a pair of tailor made megaphones to make some noise, and here we have the KC#008.

Dressed in black with three bands of colour, inspired by the helmet of Thierry Boutsen, Belgian F1 pilot, this is a playful bike, a beast, and angry if asked, a Bad Boy's bike some would say .

For sale by it's owner, price on demand.

Pics by SebAl