jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

Triumph By Union Motorcycle Classics

Union Motorcycle Classics

Union Nixon Triumph Tribute
This is what happens when you walk into Union and ask for your basket case oil in the frame Triumph to be built into a bobber...The idea of a Nixon project had been hanging around the shop ever since Bret at GFTP got his hands on an original Triumph factory race tank and made a mold of the top. Union designed and built the plug to make the tank fit the later model triumph twins. Project sat in que as an idea until just the right customer showed up. Who knew that the "right" customer would be a bobber "wanter". After a thumbs up from the customer - Union started work on all the frame mods and one off parts construction. Stock GFTP body work was massaged to fit the project. The bike features custom triple clamps, exhaust, brackets, rear sets, upholstery, wiring, and paint. Union likes it and they hope "number nine" would like it also.