miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Honda CBX1156 By MCRoadRunner



The MCRR 1156 6 Cylinder is an epic undertaking of over 18 months of exploring, testing and patience. After more than 250 hours of labour spent planning and working on the original Honda CBX 1000, MCRR is proud to present his custom CBX with brutal styling, designed to be fast & functional. MCRR tackled the visual styling of the motorcycle with the simple objective of “wowing” anyone who catches it in their sights.

The Honda CBX 1000 6 Cylinder has had a cult following since their release in 1978. Custom builders have been toying and tinkering with these epic machines for years. MCRR’s original custom CBX build is a very unique build indeed, having every last part being hand customised as well as high quality performance parts.

The MCRR 1156 Six Cylinder is situated inside a custom made Norton Featherbed Frame built by Taimoshan Cycle Works. The frame had damage which was also expertly repaired.

The motorcycle has modern day styling as well as modern day parts that help the bike handle well whilst retaining 60’s style. The bike was designed to be a modern day hot rod, with classic 60’s style. Cafe Racer styling and aspects of the variety were key to the visual focus of the motorcycle in the planning stages of the MCRR 1150–Six.

The motor was built by Lindsay Donai; with the only objective in mind being to extract the most horsepower possible from the 6 cylinder engine. The motor has a variety of high quality performance parts designed to push the 6 cylinder into the realm of impressive performing motorcycles that are around today. After the motor had been worked on all performance parts had been fitted and tested; the bike underwent the simultaneously fitting together of all the rest of the complex custom fittings of the motorcycle.

All the parts attached to the motorcycle had to be custom attached to the frame. The fittings for the battery, foot pegs, brakes, reservoirs, and exhausts etc had all been fitted and measured out pervious to work on the frame being done, as well as the headlight stock being created on the frame. This results in the headlight not turning with the handlebars and adds a true cafe racer feeling. The frame’s paint ended up being coloured candy apple / blood red and the paint for the rest of the motorcycle is the same palette.

The rear of the motorcycle was also a hand fabricated custom shaped original MCRR tail piece. The tail piece was designed to fit in the the styling category as motorcycle’s from the 1960’s. The tail also had MCRR painstakingly measure and fit the seat as well as components under the seat. Staying true to the cafe racer dream; MCRR used his 25 years of experience creating custom motorcycle seats to tailor a beautiful comfortable seat too.

With the bike designed to be fast and functional; it has had a weight saving that brings the curb weight to 212kg, compared to the stock weight of 272kg. MCRR kept the performance updated whilst keeping true to classic motorcycle styling. The exhaust setup is even setup as a 6 into 6 exhaust system without it joining.

MCRR’s Honda CBX 1156 Six Cyl recently won 3 awards at the Ray Owen Classic Motorcycle Show & Swap Meet. The awards MCRR won were; People’s Choice pre-1985, Modified pre- 1985, and Bike of the Show.

Everything on the motorcycle been kept symmetrical and revolving around the theme of 6. The MCRR Honda CBX 1156 Six Cylinder has 6 of everything and 6 times the fun.
Frame: Custom Norton Featherbed
Motor: Honda CBX1150 Six
Modifications: 1150 high comp big bore kit, ported and flowed head, crank balanced, oil galleries drilled, CDS
Curb Weight: 212kg (no fuel)
Wheels: Dunlop 5.5x17 & 3.5X17
Tyres: Dunlop GPA 180, 55 & 120, 80
Special Thanks:
Paint: @ Race Paint Technologies Nerang
Motor: Lindsay Donai Motorcycles
Exhaust: Noel Pipe Works Nerang