martes, 16 de mayo de 2017

Harley Davidson Sportster By Ardent Motorcycles

Ardent Motorcycles
"The Grand Prix is our most recent project. I call it the Grand Prix because it's inspired by the Grand Prix bikes of the 1960s. Acually, the inspiration was the small displacement Japanese bikes with their long, narrow, boxy looking tanks. This bike's form is adjusted to accomodate the much larger 1200cc Sportster engine, but I think the influence still shows. This bike's claim to fame is all of the hand formed polished aluminum. It's a gorgeous surface and reflects light beautifully. Everything on this bike is hand made, as in all of my bikes; the frame, the tanks and fairings, the swingarm, the rearsets and the stainless exhaust.

The Grand Prix has been featured on web sites and published in magazines all over the world.

It's available for sale right now! Contact us at 517-545-7391 or"