martes, 16 de mayo de 2017

BMW R1200R By Deep Creek Cycleworks

Deep Creek Cycleworks

"Custom motorcycle BMW R 1200 R year 2009 cafe racer rebuild. Homemade monoseat and fairing.
When a local BMW dealer commissioned a makeover for the BMW R1200 R.
The first step was to do something about that Telelever suspension: The design is most definitely function over form—and has even been axed by the Motorrad. But rather than swap the beast out, Kris went the racy route and fitted an old MV Agusta race fairing around it. The subframe was shortened and a new handmade tail was crafted.
To enhance the Beemer’s new lines, the original tank was swapped for one from an R 100, and the finish is superb. When the bike was presented to the dealer, they were so pleased they handed Kris an R nineT to work with next."